The Power of pH, Purvela™, and You

What is High-pH Water and Why Does It Matter?

Our dietary and lifestyle choices, along with other stress factors, can increase our daily acid load and tax our body and its pH buffering system. Adopting an alkaline diet and lifestyle, including the consumption of high-pH water, can help maintain pH balance without taxing our pH buffering system.

Purvela’s SUPERFILTERS™ with Advanced Conditioning Technology™ increase the pH of your tap water up to 9pH or 10pH (depending on filter model). The filters do this by transforming the properties of water through various processes.‡

What is the pH of the water you are drinking?

pH, or potential of hydrogen, is the measure of the hydrogen ion (H) concentration. Plain water has an average pH of approximately 7.4, depending on the source. That includes typical bottled, filtered, and tap water.

Our goal is providing you and your family sustainable wellness water solutions.

‡ Value will vary depending on pH level of source water.