Why Purvela?™

Supporting a Healthy Body Starts With the Water We Drink

While leading an active lifestyle, wherever you are, anywhere there is a faucet, you can filter and condition your drinking water with Purvela™’s BPA-free, 20-ounce portable Personal Wellness Water System™.

  • Removes up to 99.9% of key contaminants*
  • Increases alkalinity up to 9pH – our exclusive portable system provides on-demand high alkaline water*
  • So powerful, it even removes up to 99.9% of major radioactive elements and by-products*
  • Flow rate breakthrough makes advanced handheld filtration possible

Purity, Natural Balance, pH Enhanced—The Only Portable Filter That Does ALL Three!

◊ For use with U.S. municipal tap water

* Results are based on manufacturer testing and specifications of the filtration technologies.

‡ Value will vary depending on pH level of source water.

Purvela™ Ergonomix – Designed as an extension of your hand

From the shape of the filter to the shape of the bottle, Purvela™ fits your hand, fits your car cup holder, and fits your wellness lifestyle.

Not just another pretty face.

We didn’t design it to just look and feel great. We designed it for exceptional performance and ease of use. The great look and feel is just a bonus!